Future of Video Production

The future of video production, as well as Web 3.0, and the burgeoning sector of cryptocurrency, all go hand in hand. We need to have a good idea of where all three are going next, to ensure we can keep up, and make the right decisions as both the organisation and the individual. The future is supposed to be ours, yes, but what’s the reality of that? And how may that affect your future too? 

A Chaotic World of Video Production

Video production used to be a niche subject. It used to be something only a select few people could do, simply because it was an expensive and specialist skill invented within recent memory. However, times are fast changing, and they will continue to evolve with the same speed, meaning the world of video production will soon become more chaotic than ever.

Plenty of agencies, plenty of freelancers, and plenty of countries with skilled video producers that all claim to do something better than the others. As such, trying to brand yourself as a producer is going to become harder and harder, simply because there are so many other producers a client could choose over you. Some of them have bigger budgets, some of them have lower fees, and that ends up creating the perfect storm. 

An Open Web

An open web can mean a variety of things. As quoted by Tim Berners-Lee, at a physical, coded level, it means the future of the web is built on open source software, with a full community of developers that anyone can join. This allows for more sense of freedom in the online world, including a sense of transparency that keeps any and all in the loop, even the uninitiated.  

However, is that what we’re really going to see? It means a free for all, from both individuals to giant corporations, both of whom are looking to twist the web for their own means. Indeed, by 2025, it’s said that over $5.9 trillion is going to be created by the web, with AI at its core services, as well as a fully decentralised structure, and the use of edge computing to streamline the user experience. 

A More Credible Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is something a lot of people are warming up to right now, but it’s still a form of currency that has few supporters in the long term. However, it seems that this is set to change in the future. After all, with the world becoming more digitized, it only makes sense that blockchain will become more accepted, even beyond the terms of BitCoin. 

Indeed, some believe that cryptocurrency types will even begin to operate on Nasdaq, which would give the entire blockchain a stronger sense of credibility. Apart from this, some agree that a simple ETF would make it simpler and easier to invest in a form of cryptocurrency, and with more and more filtering into the market, the demand for such a fund is becoming more and more popular.