Tech Centered Web

The Web 3.0 has a stronger focus on technology. Think of this as a paradigm shift from past online exploits; the internet is known to be an anonymous place, but with an open source, more technologically capable platform to work off of, the web of the future is set to be more trusting, with a stronger sense of freedom. 

But how will this affect you in the future? Where you once worked with tech such as cloud software and mobile computing, it’s likely that innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing are going to reign supreme. The web will be able to mostly run on its own because of this, with user input solely focused on the user. A stronger and faster network, a much more valuable, decentralised web, and all of this is set to happen in the next 5 or 6 years. 

The Need for Niche in Video Production

Niche is something a lot more businesses need in the modern day and age, thanks to a relative oversaturation of the market. And with current businesses already dealing with an abundance of local competition, the ability to compete on a marketing level requires specialization. 

But what is specialization? Something unique; a different approach to showing off your service. New techniques in your editing portfolio is one thing, but having confidence in experimentation could take you much further. 

But what does this mean for you? You’ll need a media production team that knows how to bring value to your advertising efforts. You’ll need to develop a style that goes beyond simple editing ability, to ensure you capitalise on your niche - for someone in a large market like real estate or healthcare, this is going to be essential for the future.

A Revolving Debate Over Cryptocurrency

The world of crypto is one that can be hard to understand, and even harder to get involved with, as both an individual and a company. In large sectors, such as healthcare or the financial world, this can be extremely detrimental, and that’s where the general debate comes from. 

Many people claim a greater sense of security from cryptocurrency, thanks to their digital existence, and their lack of inflation over time. Thanks to recent recessions, this comes as a real benefit. However, others claim that this suggests much more volatility in the crypto market - what was worth $1000 today could only be worth $100 tomorrow. And until our understanding of the crypto world is more centralised, it’s going to be hard to come to an agreement.